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Remote and Wild adventure treks in Nepal

If are you seeking for Remote and Wild adventure treks in Nepal. This blog take you in the some Remote and Wild Adventure treks in Nepal.
Nepal is a mountainous country. It is home to the eight high mountain above 8000m and several 6000m-8000m peaks towering the Northern part of Nepal. With the gigantic mountain and connecting with Tibetan plateau Nepal is very remote. Hence Nepal is best place for mountaineering and trekking. Nepal can offer many of the beaten treks, remote and wilderness treks. The geographical setting of Nepal is divide in to three parts such as Terai, Hilly (Mid hills) and Himalayas.
Terai is low land region covers the 19% of total landmass altitude ranging from 150m to 1000m above the seas level. The region begins at the Indian border and includes flat valleys intensively best place for farming and cultivating grains. Terai is also called as “The Basket of Grains”.
Hilly region is a mountainous region which is home to many hills but the hills do not contain the snows. It covers the 65% of total land mass of Nepal. Altitude in this area ranges from 1000m to 2700m above the sea level.
Himal is a mountainous region of Nepal and containing snow. The Mountain Region begin rising from 3,000 metres to 8848m above from the sea level.It covers 16% of the total land mass area of Nepal. And this area also comprising very remote part of Nepal.
From East Kanchanjanga to the West Humla and Darchula, the “Great Himalayan Trail” is an ideal trekking destination for adventure addicted people. In this famous trail “Great Himalayan Trail” there are several side trails some are very remote and some are completely unexplored trekking trails.
Here now I will insight few Remote and Wild adventure treks in West Nepal.

1. GHT Wild West Langu valley & Kanjiruwa Santuary
Kanjiruwa sanctuary is the complex massif of deep gorges, fast-flowing rivers and jagged peaks and the highest is the Kanjiruwa South (6883m) and Kanjiruwa North (6289m). This both Kanjiruwas are surrounded by numerous peaks like, on north Bhulu Lhasa (6102m), Patrasi (6450m), on the west Kande Huinchuli (6627m), on the east Kang Nyung Than(6248m), Chokarpo (6058), Tso Karpo Kang(6556m), Tripura Thumna(6553m) and on the west She-Shikhar(6139), Palta Thumna(6126m), Bijora Huinchuli(6111m) Lhashmma(6412m).

West Nepal

2. GHT Wild West- Darchula to Humla
GHT Wild West- Darchula to Humla is an exploration and discovering Wild West of Nepal. This wild rout stretches through the foothills of two giant mountains Api Himal and Saipal Himal. The trek also intertwine two distinct geographic settings of Indian pains to the Tibetan Plateau. Logistically challenging and physically demanding this trek is most wilderness and toughest trek part of ‘Great Himalayan Trail’. This untrodden trail is only for those adventure seeker who is addicted for trekking in Himalaya.

Simikot airport
Simikot Airport
Photo Credit- Jean-Claude Latombe

3. Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang (Lomanthang) Trek

Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang (Lomanthang) Trek is an extraordinary journey that takes through the thin air above the 5000m several times. Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang (Lomanthang) Trek is the strenuous trek, it combines the two beautiful Himalayan valleys Dolpo and Lomanthang. Dolpo recites in the rain shadow alpine of west Nepal. Messed in the Tibetan plateau enriching by the Dolpo-pa cultures and traditions, it is one of the highest settlement places in the world.

Yeti La Pass Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang Trek
Photo Credit : Ferdinand Rieder

4. Upper Humla Circuit trek

Upper Humla Circuit trek is an ideal choice for those trekkers who love and seek to immerse into unexplored destination and wilderness landscape of West Nepal. Limi Valley and Upper Humla Circuit Trek is an off the beaten track, where one could have the great adventure journey along with a rare diversity of scenery, very interesting people, culturally rich villages and gompas. Exploring and discovering this virgin wilderness is a rare opportunity in western Nepal.

Nying Khola Valley
Photo Credit – Jean Claude Latombe

5. Simikot to Jomsom Trek

Simikot to Jomsom trek is the longest West Nepal journey across the trans-Himalayan region of Nepal. In this trek, the first part of the trek is traversing from Humla to Mugu, then second part of trek crossing the high passes and immersion into wilderness connects Mugu and Dolpo, the third part of the trek winds through the arid, barren, wide, open landscape of Upper Dolpo and the final part of the trek concludes stepping along the high altitude pastureland ranges and ascending high passes to Kaligandaki valley.

Nyima Gyalzen La Base Camp

6. Upper Dolpo Mugu Rara Trek (Dolpo to Mugu Trek)

Upper Dolpo Mugu Rara Trek (Dolpo to Mugu Trek) via upper Dolpo is an exotic and enthralling path, a bit strenuous trek is a part of Great Himalayan Trail. Upper Dolpo Mugu Rara Trek (Dolpo to Mugu Trek) takes you from the barren landscape of Dolpo, via Shey Gompa crossing the high passes of nestling Himalayan range to the alpine forest of Rara National Park. This trek is not well-known commercially, as a result only a few groups are approaching ahead through this trail. Navigating of two stunning and breathtaking lakes Phoksundo and Rara is one of the major highlights of Upper Dolpo Rara trek.

Shey Gompa

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