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Kang La Pass Trail

Dolpo is a great Himalayan landmark of Northwest Nepal, scattering in the rain shadows of Dhaulagiri and Kanjiruwa, it is a rare opportunity to discover natural and cultural treasurers of remote, rugged and adventurous land.

In today’s blog, I am going to let you know some of the most popular and interesting Dolpo treks. All of these treks are truly adventurous, challenging and demanding physical fitness.

Dolpo may not be known and popular as the highest peaks of Nepal, such as Everest, Annapurna for a long time. But in recent days the hidden land ‘Dolpo’ is gaining its attraction and attention among both domestic and foreign trekkers. Trekking in Dolpo region is delights by the friendly and smiling people, amazing landscapes, mysterious canyons, century old Bon and Buddhist monasteries, crystal clear Lakes and streams, snowcapped peaks like, Putha Hiuchuli, Kanjiruwa, and Churen Himal shimmering on the skyline, stony and rocky trails, and fortified foothill villages.

Trekking in Dolpo, contemplate many exciting options like, some trails are relatively easy; others may need extra effort and stamina but all of them are sensational and rewarding. For a short two weeks visit; one may choose to trek from Dunai to beautiful valley Dho Tarap and superb turquoise Phoksundo lake adjacent to Ringmo village. Adding few weeks more to your itinerary and you can further head crossing Choila pass from Dho Tarap to Upper Dolpo’s beautiful villages like,Tinje, Phalwa, Simen, Musi, Nisal, Saldang and Shey. Beyond Shey crossing Kang Pass to reach Phoksundo lake and setting more camp to Juphal. The full Lower Dolpo Exploring Trek taking two weeks, and also one may do Dolpo to Jomsom Trek via Upper Dolpo transversing Jungben La pass to Kaligandaki valley and Jomsom.

Dolpo Exploring Trek(Inner Dolpo Trek/Upper Dolpo)

Dolpo Exploring Trek is one of the most interesting treks of Dolpo. It can be done in clockwise as well in an anticlockwise direction. This is the most demanding route of Dolpo, which traverses through the high passes, beautiful villages, sculpted gorges, and age-old Bon and Buddhist monasteries, Chortens and mani walls. If we trekked in a clockwise direction then, we come across along the Barbong River bank to Barbong valley. Beyond the Barbong valley, we head to Dho Tarap, a trade junction of Dolpo and a beautiful valley of Dolpo. From Dho Tarap crossing Choila pass we enter to the flat terrain Upper Dolpo’s most amazing valley ‘Panzang’ along the villages such as; Simen, Phalwa and Tinje. After Panzang valley conquering another high pass we drain into Nakhong valley’s village Musi, Nisal, Karang, Marang, Saldang, Bhijer and Shey. Crossing the notorious Kang La pass we descend down to stunning and amazing Phoksundo lake and Ringmo village. Further setting two camp we fly out from Juphal.

Saldang Village

 Dolpo Jomsom Trek

Dolpo to Jomsom Trek is about 230km from Juphal airstrip to Kagbeni in the Kali Gandaki valley of Mustang district. The first few days of the trail in Lower Dolpo is followed by lush vegetation of Phoksundo National park and stunning Phoksundo lake, a turquoise blue colored lake certainly changes its color after exposing sunlight over it during the day time.

Second part of our trek takes you in Upper Dolpo which reserves its charisma for a three week long walking from Phoksundo Lake. Beyond the Phoksundo Lake, following gorges and stony trail encountering complicated Kang La pass before reach to sacred and mythical land Shey Gompa. Then after following Tartang Khola and insight Sheer-sided canyon to the Samling Bon Gompa near Bhijer. Crossing the Neng La pass the largest village of Upper Dolpo Saldang and to the north, an oldest and beautiful monastery of Dolpo is Yangjer nearby Nisal village. Approaching further to the North-east corner, the lost village is Musi village. Beyond the Musi village, conquering the Muri La pass trail connects remote and isolated valley Panzang valley villages Simen, Phalwa and Tinje. For a really strenuous and rugged adventure seeker can further continue to the east traversing Mo La pass to Chharka Bhot and a high wild trail crossing across Jungbenla 5550m before knee-jerking trails to Kaligandaki Valley and Jomsom.


Lower Dolpo Exploring Trek

Lower Dolpo Exploring is the complete experience and discovery of lower Dolpo. This is an extended version of lower Dolpo circuit. Those trekkers who are interested in doing long-day trekking in Lower Dolpo region, then it could be one of the best options. Lower Dolpo Exploring Trek, take you through Tripurakot, a Hindu divine and shrine village where we visit Bala Tripura Sundari temple then we further descend down to Khaliban and Kaigaon. Beyond the Kaigaon crossing, Kagmara pass we enter to Phoksundo Lake and Ringmo Bon village via Pungmo village.From the Phoksundo we further continue to the east where we encounter with two high passes Numala and Bagala and enter to the beautiful valley ‘Dho Tarap’.From Dho Tarap we further indulge in wilder route and crossing Chan La pass we messing into the hidden and isolated valley ‘Barbong’. Few more days following the Barbong river along the Tarakot and Dunai we fly out from Juphal.


Lower Dolpo Circuit Trek

Lower Dolpo Circuit trek is a classic trek of Dolpo. It is the most popular route for those who keen to do Dolpo trekking within two weeks. This treks caters wonderful experience and discovery of distinct culture and landscape of Dolpo within the two weeks period. The trek passes along the Tarakot, a trading center, and Dho Tarap with its cluster of exotic monasteries then crosses two high passes Numala and Bagala over 5000m to reach Phoksundo Lake. Beyond the Phoksundo the trail descends down along the Phoksundo waterfall, highest waterfall of Nepal, the bank of Phoksundo River and lush vegetation of Shey Phoksudo Nationa park up to Suligad a checkpoint of the park and further walking two hours is Juphal.

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