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Dolpo Trek Itinerary, Dolpo Trekking Itinerary

Dolpo Map
Talking about the Dolpo trek itinerary and Dolpo trekking itinerary, some itineraries can be completed inside the Dolpo and some itinerary joins the neighboring districts. Today’s blog we briefly talk about Dolpo Trek itinerary and Dolpo Trekking itinerary.

If you are thinking to do Dolpo treks, then you might be thinking for which itinerary meets your timeframe. So, let’s begin to sketch your own Dolpo trekking itinerary based on the following information.

Opened to general trekkers in 1989, the circular route of lower Dolpo has witnessed an ever increasing number of trekkers. For the Phoksundo Lake trek, a half day hiking from Juphal to Dunai before 3 days trekking up to Phoksundo Lake. A day exploring around Phoksundo Lake and Ringmo village and on returning 3 days back to Juphal, making the trek 6/7 days is the shortest route of Dolpo trek.

Phoksundo Lake

An alternative routes out from Phoksundo Lake leads to crossing of Kagmara 5115m Pass, descending along the Jagdulla Lake, Toijum, Hurikot , Nauli Ghat to Jumla additional 4 days from Jumla approaches to Rara Lake, 2 hours hike from Rara Lake connects flight from Talcha to Nepalgunj and Kathmandu.

The Lower Dolpo circuit Trek takes the two weeks circular routes in Lower Dolpo. First, few days via Tarakot to Dho Tarap following Tarap Khola then form Dho Tarap heading to the west crossing two high passes Numala and Bagala to Phoksundo and 2/3 days descending down along the Phoksundo Khola to Juphal.

Dho Tarap Village

Upper Dolpo Treks, winds its charisma crossing the notorious Kang La pass to the North of Phoksundo is Shey Gompa. From Shey Gompa one route further heads to Bhijer via Tora and Samling Bon Gompa and One route leads to Saldang crossing Sela Pass. An adventure addicts further can take the northern route from Bhijer via last frontier Dolpo’s village Phot and crossing Nyimagyalzen La and Yala connects the Mugu Karnali river and the trail bends west and south join the Rara Lake.

Shey Gompa

From Shey Gompa, one alternative route heads to the east for three days crossing Jyanta La pass is Dho Tarap valley. Beyond Dho Tarap following the Tarap Khola for four days along the Pivo Cave, Laina Odar, Lasicap, Tarakot, Dunai and Juphal.

From Shey Gompa another trail leads to Namgong and Saldang village crossing Sela Pass. Form Saldang following the south-east route via Cha Gaon and crossing Jyantha La connects to Dho Tarap.

From Saldang, the trail toward East traversing Koma La leads to Kamash village and to the north-east is Simen village. Other routes from Saldang village heads to the north along the Nakhong valley to Yangjer Monastery. Further to the north-east, the hidden village is Musi, beyond the Musi village crossing Muri La 5030m is Simen village. From the Simen the trails leads to the north-east side of River all the way to Tinje village, via Simen Gompa, Phu Gompa, Namgyal Gompa. Beyond the Tinje village following the South the rolling and open terrain valley confluence at Tarka Sumdo from here one trail lead to Dho Tarap crossing Choila Pass 5378m and other route allowing the exit from Upper Panzang valley encountering Mo La pass 5030m to Chharka village.

Chharka 2

Leaving the Chharka village, the trail heads to the east Tulsi Kharka, from here one trail leads to the north-east in to wild country crossing Ghami La to Ghami village of Upper Musatng and another challenging route passing to the north in to the unhabited wild country across Yeti La pass to Lomanthang. And the classic route connects Tulsi Khola to Kaligandaki valley Jomsom crossing Jungbenla pass 5550m via Mulumsumna, Sangda village to Kagbeni.

Kaligandaki Valley

Trekking to an unexplored and isolated valley of Dolpo ‘Barbung Valley’ can be connected from the Lasicap a confluence of Dho Tarap River and Barbong River. Following the Barbong River along the Musi Kharka, Kakot village, Terang village, Seri village, Panga village crossing Chan La pass 5378m joins Dho Tarap. To the east all the way to Mukot village across the Muli Pass 5760m connects to Mulumsumna the crossing Jungben La 5550m joins the Kaligandaki River Valley Jomsom. And another route from Panga village joins the Chharka village.

The South-west route from Dolpo is Dolpo Beni or Beni Dolpo trek. This trail passes along the Dunai, Tarakot, Shahartara(Tichurong Valley Trek), Jang La pass, Phagune to Dhorpatan hunting reserves and joins to Beni.

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