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'Your Holiday Companion'
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'Your Holiday Companion'
Upper Dolpo

The people who have immense love for adventure, sightseeing, feel peace when exotic views cross them, then Nepal is the best holiday destination, a package of fun and adventure both resides here. The holidays between the laps of mountains, fresh greenery views can add amusement to your trip. So we are here with the reasons why Nepal should be your holiday destination.

Trek to the elevated mountains

Nepal commonly is mountainous country, located in between two giant countries India and China.Nestling in the Himalayan ranges foothill of Mt. Everest and other eight 80000m plus peaks are towering in Nepal, and provides the best routes for the trek and hiking. As Nepal has the world’s highest mountains, also where trek takes place, a closer view of the mountain can be made. The famous trek to Annapurna Base camp, Upper mustang, Manaslu region and much more is held.

Divine species of wildlife and flora

The diverse species of flora and fauna can be spotted here. The love for flowers, vegetation, birds, animals, reptiles, mammals can be fulfilled here. As many parks, centuries and forests have been set where you can spot the unique species residing. The endangered animals like Blue sheep snow leopard, musk deer, one horned rhino and many more can be spotted. Flowers like rhododendron, oak, pines etc can be seen.

Courageous adventures

The adventures like rafting, paragliding, mountain climbing, zip- flying, biking, trekking can be done here. As Nepal provides the most happening routes and sites that will take the experiences to the next level. Nepal has been known for its daring adventure activities.

Low-fare and accommodation

Out of all, this would be the prior reason to choose Nepal as your holiday destination as it has lowest fare and accommodation prices. Bus, trains, flights can be available here. Also, no visa is required to travel in Nepal. Likewise, transportation facility in Nepal is quite cheap and affordable. The quality is made assured and facilities indeed are provided to the best level.

Religious place

Nepal has ancient temples and monuments which are the main tourist attraction. The temples in Kathmandu named Pashupatinath mandir, Syambhunath, Bouddhanath, Ram mandir, Manakamna, Gorkha Kalika, Bhagwati temple, Maya Devi temple and many more temples built has been praised a lot by the tourist and the local people.

Parks of distinct flora and fauna

Nepal deals with the distinct varieties of flora and fauna. And the wildlife here is worth the watch, many endangered animals can be spotted. People across the world come here to enjoy the stunning nature, vegetation, wildlife existing in Nepal. Many parks like Chitwan national park, Rara national park etc have been set up to protect and provide you the glimpse of the beauty.

Different Cuisines

Nepal’s authentic food is called Dal- Bhat- tarkari. The famous food here is momos which are originated from the city of Tibet. Also, various cuisines like Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Indian can be found here. All the cuisines made here are mouth watering and owns the ethnicity of the culture.

Festivals in Nepal

More than 130 cultural groups of Nepal have their own tradition, culture, religion and regulations. They celebrate the festivals with different aspects. Commonly celebrated festivals are Dashain, Deepawali, Tihar, Losar, Buddha Jayanti, Indra Jatra, Mani Rimbu and much more.

Heritage sites

Nepal has many ancestry monuments, places, and sites that are worth the visit. Places like Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Dubar Square, Patan Durbar square, Baoudhnath stupa. Also many stupas, caves, Inn has been built.

The city of lakes

Nepal holds many beautiful and largest lakes like Rara Lake, Phoksundo Lake, Fewa Lake, Begnas Lake and many more glacier lakes. The largest lake is Rara Lake which is situated around the Rara national park. Phoksundo Lake is the deepest lake of Nepal situated within Shey Phoksundo National Park in Dolpo.Around 200 lakes in Nepal can be spotted.

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