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Trekking in Humla Region

Limi Valley Trek

Trekking in Humla region offers a wonderful and an exceptional experience to the Himalayan admiring people who would like trekking in remote and hidden valleys of Himalaya.


Nying valley and Limi valley circuit trek
Humla Map

Simikot is the gateway to holiest mountain Mt. Kailash and has the main airport of the Northwest Nepal can be reached in one hour Mountain flight from Nepalgunj.

Simikot Airport
Simokot Airport
Photo Credit – Jean Claude Latombe

Simikot airport

Simikot is the starting point to trekking in Humala region. To the Northwest of Simikot a mysterious Limi Valley sets of three Tibetan type villages Jang, Halji and Til. The beautiful Limi valleys can be reached by about a week long trekking from Simikot along the Hilsa border crossing Nara La pass 4560m and Lamka Lagna 4300m.


Limi valley the fortified valley remains isolated during the winter season but for the three months of the year, the valley connects to China by road across the Lapcha La 5000m. Surrounded by barely fields and at the western side of Limi valley, elevated at 4100m from sea level is Till village. It is the least populated village of Limi Valley, and home of more than three hundred years old Kunzum Do-Nag Choeden monastery. Jhang is the easternmost and geographically well settled than the two other villages of Limi valley and Jhang meets another side border to Burang, Tibet. Around 250 years old Halji monastery is above the two clustered of Jhang village. This village has not sufficient agricultural land but holds huge hinterland for Yaks, Sheep, and Goats to the north and east of this village. Halji is located in between Til and Jhang at the elevation of 3750m from the sea level. It is the largest villages of Limi valley. It is the home of the Halji monastery, more than 800 years old, where many religious and rituals are performed during special occasion of Buddhist lunar calendar. Bottom of Form Halji is located at heart of Limi valley.

Beyond the Limi Valley approaching to the further North along Tholing and Takchhe one may be able to trek up to Tibetan plateau near the border. The valley connects Tibet through Lapse La 5018m. From Takchhe one route leads to northwest into the Nying valley crossing Nying La 5400m through the Nying Khola, Karching Kharka and Chuwa Khola descend to Simikot and another route heads to the Nyalu Valley and crossing Nyalu pass 5001m drops to Simikot.

Nyalu Khola Valley
Nyalu Khola Valley
Photo Credit – JeanClaude Latombe

Northeast of Simikot along the Chuwa Khola valley leads to another ancient trading route crossing Chang la 5293m. In between the two valleys, at the basin of Limi Himal range, there are more than 15 peaks above 6000m, almost all are virgin and most are unnamed.

The two valleys, Limi valley, and Chuwa Khola valley are bridges by an extraordinary and stunning route of Ning valley route crossing Nying La 5400m.

Nying Khola Valley


Southeast of Simikot along the Loti Karnali via Surkghat, Piplan leads to an extremely remote and isolated last frontier village Nepka. Beyond the Nepka, the trail enter to the beautiful lush vegetation valleys passes through Chursing Chaur, and Kangla Chaur connects China to the North across the Kangla Pass and Mugu Valley is to the east crossing Mugu Dada along the Tanke Khola and Rimar Khola. This valley holds many adventurous peaks like Asajya Peak 6265m, Gorakh Himal 6000m, Absi Peak 6100m and many more.

Trekking in Humla region is an exclusive journey to the Himalaya, it also may be the chance of spotting an elusive Himalayan big cat ‘Snow-leopard’, jackals, hyenas and musk deer, marmot and blue sheep whilst on the trek. The journey further rewards by authentic Buddhist and Bon culture, and snowcapped mountains. The hidden deep within the Himalaya Humla is completely remote but the ‘Off the beaten trekking destination of Nepal’

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