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Peaks in West Nepal

Nyalu Khola Valley

West Nepal is remote and rugged region of Nepal since many years. The Eastern part of Nepal is very popular after the ascent of Mt. Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzin Norgay Sherpa in 1953. Then after the Eastern region was always became central focus of foreigners for mountaineering as well as trekking. However, the West Nepal is still unspoiled, little explored and purely virgin land for Mountaineering, Peak climbing and trekking.

Today’s blog we are taking into the peaks of West Nepal, the majority of them are unclimbed and virgin, still needed to be explored and some of them are climbed.


Mukot Himal (6087m)

Mukot Peak Climbing

Mukot Himal (6087m)   is a newly opened Peak in Dolpo, firstly climb by KE Adventure in 2015 and then it was come to known for the Mountaineers. Mukot Himal is at the north of Dhaulagiri I in between Honde Himal(6,556m) and Sita Chuchura (6,611m) situated in Dolpo. The expedition to this glorious peak can be done combining with the trekking in Upper Dolpo, Dho Tarap and crossing Chan La pass (5378mm) by entering into rarely visited Barbong Valley and Mukot village. On returning either descend down to Juphal or crossing Mu La (5713m), Jungbenla (5550m), Niwas La (5120m) and Sangta Bhanjyang (5110m) to Sangta and the Capital of Kaligadki Jomsom.

Putha Hiuchuli (7246m)

Putha Hiuchuli

At the east of Dhaulagiri II and west end of Churen Himal (7286m) Putha Hiunchuli(7246m)  is well-known Mountain of West Nepal. Every year few groups climb this mountain with zero percent casualties.  At first, the mountain was ascended in 1954 by a British team headed by Jimmy Roberts. The expedition to this mountain can be done with landing on Juphal airstrip and following the Thuli Bheri River to Kakot village to Basecamp and on returning in the same way to Juphal.

Northern Frontiers of Dolpo

To the most eastern of Mugu, on the frontiers of Northern Dolpo there are some newly opened peaks; Mayung Thang Khang (6,449m), Tankya I (6,305m), Mariyang West (6,455m), and Yara Chuli (6,236m), as well as the previously permitted border summits of Danphe Sail (6,103m) and Mariyang (6,528m).

Further to the north of Dolpo, there is, Lungchhung (6,043m) and Khung (6,024m) were climbed in the summer of 1999 by a small Japanese team from the Osaka Alpine Club.

Peaks in Jumla and Dolpo – Kanjiruba Range on the South of Dolpo

Jumla an ancient Khas kingdom, to the east of Jumla and south of Dolpo the Kanjiruba range and it neighboring peaks, namely Kande Hiunchuli (6,627m), Patrasi (6,450m), or Kanjiroba South (6,883m), the highest peak in the range are opened many years ago.

Kanjiruwa Himal

The northern fringes of range there is Lhasa Bhulu (6,102m), and Kanjiruba North (6,858m). Lhasa Bhulu (6,102m), was successfully attempted by Herbert Tichy and John Tyson. Lha Shamma (6,412m), on the north of Kagmara La in the southeast sector of range, was first climbed in 1962 by an all-women British team, while the region was little known.

On the western side, there are two virgin peaks Bijora Hiunchuli (6,111m), Palta Thumha(6,126m) and Kasi Dalpha(6,386m).

Kanjiruwa Range

Peaks in Mugu – Kanti Himal Range

Mugu is the home of astonishing Rara Lake, Nepal’s largest Lake and Rara National Park a smallest National Park of Nepal. Mugu is accessed via a flight to its airstrip at Talcha and recently road is also connected Rara Lake and Gamgadi.

On the Northern side of Mugu is connected with Chinese border, while on the north-eastern Mugu is the home of  four newly opened peaks; Kaipuchonam  (6,329m), Kojichwa Chuli South (6,264m), Chandi (6,623m), Kanti Himal East (6,516m), Koji Khang North (6,275m), and Takla Khang (6,276m)  are lying in the Mugu and Koji valleys.

 Peaks in Humla Region – Gorakh Himal, Limi Himal, Nalakankar Himal and Changla Himal Range

Nyalu Khola Valley
Nyalu Khola Valley
Photo Credit – Jeal Claude Latombe

In the Limi Himal and Nalakankar range there are 15 over (6000m) virgin peaks. The Nalakhankar Himal (6422m), Kandumbu (6219m) is on the west of Simikot airstrip.

To the north of simikot Limi Himal, Chandi Himal (6142m) and its range are frontier borderline peaks of Humla.

To the east of Simikot Changla Himal (6563m), Gorakh Himal and Asajya Tuppa (6265m) are in the range of Kanti Himal (6182m) connecting with Tibetan plateau.


Any inquiries regarding peak climbing on above mentioned West Nepal Peaks and trekking Himalaya please remember Himalayan Companion ‘A truly holiday Companion’.


‘Let’s come join together to Explore and Discover the West Nepal’

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