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Monasteries and Gompas in Dolpo

Shel Sundo Gompa Shey Upper Dolpo

Dolpo the land of Bon and Buddhism reserves the many century and age-old Bon and Buddhist monastery. Buddhism in Dolpo was flourishing after 8th century while great magician Buddhist founder Guru Rinpoche was traveled across the region and also four Buddhist disciples from Tibet was reached in Dolpo to promote Buddhism. At the same time, after the invasion of Tibet, many Tibetan citizens were migrated to India and Kathmandu across the Dolpo and some are settled in Dolpo and built monasteries and Gompas.

Today’s blog we are going to talk some of the most important monasteries of Dolpo;

Shey Gompa and Crystal Mountain Upper Dolpo

Shey Gompa is spiritual heart of Dolpo, which has a legendary connection in Buddhism. Shey Gompa hold three major gompas such as;

Shel Sundo Gonpa, It is a Kagyu Nyingma monastery located at opposite foothill of the Crystal Mountain. It was built by Lama Tenzin Repa. Adjacent to monastery number of Chortens and mani walls are surrounded by a fenced wall. Inside the Gompa, the main icons are Dorje Chang, Sakyamuni Buddha, Tara, a skeleton Buddha, Milarepa and Karmapa behind the Torma butter.Also, there are Buddhist textbooks covered by Khata, a dancing Vajra Yogini, a painting of the Crystal Mountain stairway to heaven and Guru Rinpoche.

Komache Gompa, It is located at the left corner of Shey village and the foothill of  Crystal Mountain, this is Kagyupa temple constructed by the accomplished Druptop Singhe Yeshe. A stupa of “complete victory” and a footprint of the master singhe Yeshe are key manifestations at the site.

Tsakang Gompa is the cliff on the red-brown rock on the foothill of Crystal Mountain and left corner of Shey village. Tsakang Gonpa is a meditative center for the Lama of Shey.

Shey Gompa

Yangtsher Gompa Nisal Village Upper Dolpo

Yangtsher the oldest monastery of Dolpo is also known as the Margon Yangtsher. It is located in Upper Dolpo, Nisal village 4000m of Nangkhong valley. This is Nyingma-pa Gompa built by Choegyal Pasang and Sonam Lodro is also referred as the contributor of this monastery. It is featured by the long line of mani and Chortens.

Inside the Gonpa, all Buddhist favorites; Guru Rinpoche, Shakyamuni Buddha, Chyaraji, Dorje Chang, Green Tara, Mahakala and Eight Medicine Buddha statues and painting are reciting. Similarly, Indian master Atisha, other local icons Namkha Gyaltzen, Yamchenmo, Dolma Chewang, Choekyal Palsangpo are depicts. Furthermore, Buddhist texts are showcased in the rag of the monastery. Next, to the main Monastery, there is a room, where nine stupas of eight healing Buddha is found. Circumambulating around the stupas could bless your journey.

Picture 874

Samling Gonpa(Bhijer Village) Upper Dolpo

It is located at Bhijer Gaon upper Dolpo, it is Bonpo based Gompabuilt by Gyaltsen Rinchen nearly nine hundred years ago.Important images on the site include the Bon expositor Khritstug Gyalba and Lamas of the site, and documents showing support from the emperors of China. There are 22 stupas, some which are of the walk –through portal type.Samling is meditated place of victorious Yangal lineage.It is also called as the Yangton Gonpa in honour of its founder. It turns into chief monastery, hosted a large number of visiting dispels, and kept close relations with the principal monasteries in Tibet and with Lubra.

Ribo Bhumpa Monastery (Dho Tarap Dolpo)

Ribo Bhumpa monastery is located in Dho Tarap Dolpo. A bumpa is a vase one of the eight sacred symbols of Buddhism. Some chortens are built in the shape of a vase and thus may also be known as bhumpas. The design of Ribo Bhumpa Gonpa is based on an important chorten of this type in Samye, Tibet. It was founded as a Nyingma monastery more than a thousand years ago by Jigdre Nyima Gyalthsen and Lama Tenzin Targye, and sponsored by the head of a village at the time.






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