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Highlights of Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang Trek

Shey Gompa

Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang trek is an extraordinary journey takes you beneath the sky. The trail heading from lowland to highland Himalaya and connects the most prominent trails of world ‘Great Himalayan Trail’. Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang trek is probably one of the most challenging treks in Nepal.

Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang Trek is an off the beaten trek takes more than a month-long walking through the lush vegetation of lower Dolpo, barren landscape and isolated highland of Upper Dolpo, to the forbidden ancient former kingdom ‘Lomanthang’ upper Mustang. This trek is a good option for those trekkers, who prefers strenuous trek with a longer timeframe in the Himalaya. Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang trek takes you in the two most beautiful and restricted region of Nepal Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo.We Himalayan Companion operating two most strenuous trekking trail Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang trek like Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang (Ghami) Trek and Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang  Lomanathang Trek both of these trails caters the following highlights;, both of these trails cater the following highlights;

1. Phoksundo Lake

The first highlight of ‘Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo Trek’ is Phoksundo lake which is encountered in the first few days of the trek. The lake is lies within the largest national park of Nepal ‘Shey Phoksundo National Park. The stunning lake suddenly changes its color into distinct colors throughout the different times of the day. Adjacent to the lake, a Bon Village called ‘Ringmo’ further enriches the appearance of Lake.

Dolpo Region

2. High Passes

Encountering and conquering with high passes during this trek adds up a very adventurous experience to the trekkers. The major high passes above 5000m of this trek such as; Kangla 5350m, Sela 5095m, Musi La 5030m, Mola  5030m, and Ghami La 5450m come across the trek and which electrifies and mesmerizes the journey. The spectacular, panoramic and scenic view from the top of these high passes switches on and awakens every trekker’s mind. Chilling and fresh air blowing around high passes makes forgotten of high altitude distress.


3. Contrasting Landscapes

Upper Dolpo to Upper Mustang trek delivers tremendously amazing and diverse landscapes. The lower Dolpo caters with lush vegetation, Upper Dolpo and Upper Mustang offer barren and deserted landscape nestling with Tibetan plateau. Colorful prayers flag fluttering by windswept on the high passes and widening terraces of snowcapped peaks enthralls trekker’s mind.

Dolpo Landscape

4. Highland Villages

Camping and trekking via highland villages are the most interesting aspect of Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang Trek. Villages like Shey, Saldang, Nisal, Simen, Tinje and Chharka of Upper Dolpo and Lomanthang, of Upper Mustang are significant highland villages’ meets during the trek. The experiencing authentic culture of Dolpo-Pa in Dolpo and ‘Lo ba’ in Upper Mustange rewards the journey.


  1. Century-old Bon and Buddhist Monasteries

Century-old Bon and Buddhist monasteries other highlights of Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang Trek. Dolpo  ‘The Land Of Bon and Buddhism’ is featured by many century-old Bon and Buddhist monasteries such as; Bon Tsova Monastery, Shey Gompa, Tsskang Gompa, Samye Choeling Gompa, Yangjer Gompa are fringe insights of this trek. Upper Mustang, an ancient Buddhist forbidden kingdom comprising some of the age-old monasteries Jampa Gompa, Thubchen Gompa, Chodey Gonpa and Choprang Gonpa along with meditation caves. Both of these regions are blessed by a great magician holy man and more profound of Tibetan Buddhism Guru Rinpoche.

Picture 874

6. An ancient Buddhist kingdom Lo- Manthang Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang’s walled capital city Lo -Manthang is the major highlight of Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang trek. Lo – Manthang, walled capital is one of the most beautiful regions in Nepal. Navigated in the deserted Tibetan plateau to the north, Dhaulagiri range to the east and stone paved street offers an amazing experience. Prayers flag rhythms with wind and herds of cattle sauntering in the evening make you that you are in the different world.

Lomanthang, Mustang

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