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Dolpo Border Passes | Dolpo passes leading into Tibet

Lung Chung Kang

Dolpo Passes leading to Tibet

Dolpa is the largest district of Nepal, and the northern parts of Dolpa called Upper Dolpo is bordering with Tibet/China. Before annexation of Tibet under China, the border was open to people living in frontier villages of Upper Dolpo, hence they had close link with Tibet, in terms of trade. They could go to Tibet in their preferable time. During the time people from Upper Dolpo used several Dolpo border passes to make their journey to Tibet. But now only two border passes, Marim La pass 5488m and Khung La pass 5411m are in use. The border is only open for 15 days during month of August for trading. In these 15 days Dolpo people from both of country exchange their commodities. People from Dolpo takes Yarsagumba and people from Tibet brings modern consumer goods, do exchange on the border market.

Today’s blog we look some insights of Dolpo border passes or Dolpo Passes leading into Tibet. Those novice trekkers who would like to explore the Dolpo border passes in during the Dolpo trekking, this blog could be helpful.

Let’s begin the sight from West to East.

Jyyanlun La is the westernmost pass of Dolpo, the pass is used by Kuba, people from Ku(Kuwa) village and Phot village (Poe) in many years ago. But these days people from Ku and Phot villages go to Tibet for trading via Khung La.

From the Jhyanlun La, the astonishing views of Palchung Hamga, Danphesail and far away Tibetan plateaus and pastureland are clearly visible. Next to Jhyanlung La, Lung Chung Kamo La 5421m is located to the right close to Lung Chung Kang 6034m.

Another pass located to the east/right of Lung Chung Kamo La, Khung La 5411m is located which takes two days walk from Nisal village along the Khung Khola valley. On the left side of Khung La, Yemelung Kang 6024m could be wonderful peak climbing option.

From Musi village following Musi river we can heads to Menang La 5335m and from Shimen village following the Chanpola Khola we can go upto Chala pass 5475m, and descend to Mait village. Again following Maita River we could ascend to Yanan La 5487m.

Meng La or Menang La, Chala and Yenang La drain in to Yenang Khola and into the Yenang Tso, lake which further drains into Raka Zangpo a major left bank tributary of Yarlung Zangpo, the longest river of Tibet and the upper stream of Brahmaputra. Similarly, Maryung Tso, the lake seen from Mariam la also drains into Raka Zangpo.

From the Chala and Marim La passes we could see the azure lakes of Yanang Tso and Maryung Tso in the distance. From the Marim La we also could also see a settlement beyond Maryung Tso. There is a fairly motorable road to Marim La from Tibetan side and a road suitable for the adventurous bike riders connecting Marim La to Phal in the Nepal side, making Marim La, a pass marked by prayer flags, a frequented trading hub between Dolpo and Tibet.

From Tinje one may could go upto Marim La 5488m, following the Mekdum River leads to Marim and could descend to Maite village and Shimen village following Maite river, which is not marked on the maps.

Pindu La 5600m is another pass located on the east of Polte village. From Pindu La two lakes are visible on Tibet side. From Polte village following Polte Khola crossing Kula Lek 4669m connects Polte village to Panjyan River. Further following the Upper Polte River leads to Kankun La 5564 Dolpo connects Tibet.

Jhyanche La and Daknak La 5465m are another two eastern passes of Dolpo, both of these passes are accessible from Chharka village.

Dolpo Border Passes

Dolpo Passes leading to Tibet West to East and its accessible Upper Dolpo Villages
Dolpo Passes leading to Tibet Its accessible village
Jhyanlung La 5360m Kuwa/ Ku Village – 2 days trek
Lang Chung Kamo La 5421m Nisal Nisal– 2 days trek
Khung La 5411m Nisal Village– 2 days trek
Jhyanlung La 5360m Musi/ Moe village – 2 days trek
Meng La 5360m Musi/ Moe village – 2 days trek
Marim La 5488m Shimen and Tinje village – 2 days trek
Pindu La 5600m Polte Village – 2 days trek
Kankun La 5564m Polte Village – 2 days trek
Jhyanche La 5534m Chharka – 2 days trek
Daknak La 5465m Chharka – 2 days trek

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