Putha Hiunchuli (Mt. Putha) Expedition Dolpo Nepal


Today blog I am going take you on the top of Putha Hiunchuli (Mt. Putha) of Dolpo Nepal. Let’s begin the Putha Expedition…………….


Trip Profile

Name of Peak: Putha Hiunchuli or Dhaulagiri VII

Elevation: 7246m
Trip Mode: Camping

Permit Required: Lower Dolpo and Expedition Permit

First summit attended:  By Jimmy Roberts and Ang  Nyima Sherpa in 1954

Trail: Juphal, Dunai, Tarakot, Lasicap, Mushi Khola, Kakot and Base Camp

Base Camp: At foot of Chendeu Glacier (4915m)
Climbing Grade: AD
Fitness Level: 2
Expedition duration: 28-29 days
Total Trip: 34-35 days (Kathmandu to Kathmandu)


Days on Trek and Climbing

As usual, this expedition is divided into several stages, that is to articulate the best possible between them.

  • Arrival in Kathmandu and final preparations.
  • Flight to Juphal, trek to the Kakot village along the Thuli Bheri River
  • A day rest at Kakot village to organize the transport of the luggage.
  • Proceed to base camp after the Kakot village
  • The climbing part … With the goal of being all at the top!
  • The descent to the base camp, and return trek to Jphal.
  • The flight back from Juphal to Kathmandu, then to depart from Nepal to home country.


Putha Hiunchuli (Mt. Putha) Expedition

A high altitude above 7000m mountain Putha Hiuchuli is situated in the West Nepal, on the west of Mt. Dhaulagiri in remote Lower Dolpo region.

Dolpo, the extreme remote district of Nepal is bounded by amazing mountains like, on the east Mt.Dhaulagiri, on the North Tibetan plateau, on  the South Kajiruwa massif and on the West Churen Himal. But within the Dolpo an iconic, the highest peak of Dolpo, and popular as skiing mountain of Nepal ‘Putha Hiunchuli 7246m’ is the gloriously towering.

Putha Hiunchuli is the perfect Mountain for mountaineers who want to climb high but no more torturous and no more technical difficulties. It also can be training for the mountaineers who have a dream to climb 8000m mountains in near future.

Putha Hiunchuli climbing/expedition with Himalayan Companion is about five weeks’ long trek plus expedition to Lower Dolpo region of West Nepal.

Details about trip……..

Stage 1

After landing at Juphal, along the Thuli Bheri River and Barbung Khola beautiful hamlets of Lower Dolpo Dangibada, Dunai, Tarakot, Lasicap, Mushi Khola and Kakot village

Dunai to Tarakot: After Dunai, the pleasant trek passes along the Thuli Bheri River with encountering some tea houses/tents and we stop at Tarakot camp.

Tarakot to Lasicap and Mushi Khola: Leaving Tarakot camp the trail leads through terraces of the field, soon a flat small plain site Ilakot appears across the Punti River, the place is also suitable for the camp. With some thin gentle forest of juniper, the valley side heads with some climb and small descent is Lasicap, we stop here few hours for lunch. Lasicap is small village with few houses, check post and confluence of Tarap Khola and Barbong Khola.

Across the suspension bridge a trail leads to Dho Tarap but we do not cross the bridge and follow the left bank of Barbong Khola, after a while our next stop is Musi Khola.

Mushi Khola to Kakot Village: After the Mushi Khola, the trail approaching along the gorges, old wooden bridges, and then continues through the right bank of Barbung Khola before Kakot village.

Kakot village is well stocked on a cliff and well protected from the wind, few miles above the Barbung Khola.

Kakot Village

Stage 2

Acclimatization and approaching to the Putha Hiuchuli Base camp along the Yak Kharka, Phedi and Pangi

Kakot to Yak Kharka, Phedi and Pangi: We leave Kakot village crossing local River Bridge, and ascend to cultivated plateau. The trail soon transform into grassy slopes, passes through the treeless line.

Leaving the Kakot village we set three camps before base camp.

The first night after the Kakot will be at Yak Kharka / Yak Pasture (3700m), then Second night at Phedi(4000m), and third night at Pangi(4480m), Pangi is perfect place with easy access of water with a flat grassy area.

Pangi Base Camp

Stage 3

Moving to three camps C1-5,450m, C2-6,150m, C3-6500m and Putha Hiuchuli Summit 7246m

Moving towards the summit, on climbing part we will set three camps after the base camp.

C1- 5450m climbing to C1 camp is followed by the River and Frozen Lake will make pleasure and pleasant climb.

C2-6150m and C3- 6500m is the gentle spot.

Putha Hiunchuli Camp 3

And finally ….awaited the summit day……….


Stage 4

Cheers after victory on goal and returning

After attempting awaited goal, we diligently descent down to base camp and trek same way back to Juphal, taking a lifetime achievement.

After Summit

 To ascent on this stunning Mountain, one should have to have:

  • A good physical condition is always a requirement for this Expedition.
  • A bit experience in mountaineering is always a good one, but don’t worry if you don’t have, it is not much technical.
  • A dedicated and strong determination to your project; means you should mentally prepare for ‘Yes, I can do it’.
  • As it is the simplest expedition in Nepal, you should have a good dose of patience, tolerance, and humor.


  • The supervision by a mountain guide and a Nepalese staff,
  • The domestic flights Kathmandu-Nepalgunj-Juphal and Juphal-Nepalgunj –Kathmandu
  • Accommodation in hotel in Kathmandu (at Hotel Shankar)
  • Accommodation in Nepalgunj (Siddhartha Hotel)
  • Airport transfers by bus and jeep
  • The full board during the trek and at the base camp
  • Catering equipment (Dining tent, Kitchen tent, Member tent, toilet shower tent), kitchen utensils.
  • Trek and climbing permit


  • Repatriation and/or cancellation insurance
  • The Nepalese visa
  • Drinks and personal expenses
  • The individual trekking and climbing equipment
  • Evening and midday meals in Kathmandu
  • High altitude food
  • Meals and overnight accommodation.
  • Travel insurance, rescue, and evacuation
  • Tips and gratitude for staffs

 Why Join Us?

  • We are a local expert team and have a team of experienced climbing Sherpa and leaders.
  • Your climbing costs are going to locals as their wages, transportation, and foods.

Why Putha Hiunchuli Climbing?

  • Climbing on Putha Hiunchuli is technically easier compare to the other 7000m peaks of Nepal.
  • Putha Hiunchuli is preliminary preparation for climbing Everest and other 8000m peaks.
  • There are fewer chances of dangers in contrast to other popular peaks above 7000m.

Good bye for today! See you on next Himalayan Expedition….

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