Legend Of the Phoksundo Lake

Geologist opined that, Phoksundo lake was formed due to massive landslide blocked the Phoksundo khola. However, local people and lama has their own legendary explanation regarding the birth of Lake.

According to David Snellgrove based on Lama ‘Once upon a time a village existed on the valley, long before the great floods created the lake. In the 8th century, a demon was chased through the land of Dolpo by the great magician Guru Rinpoche. At the same time demon tried to hide in Phoksundo village by giving a brilliant turquoise gemstone. But later on it was turn to dung when she fled out. The villagers were not happy, asked to Guru Rinpoche where is demons had gone. In great anger he said that, the demon cast the mountain side down the village was flooded as blue water rose up, banishing the village to the depth of the lake forever.’

Phoksundo Lake a miraculous lake changes its color during different time of the day accordingly on the Sun lights falling on lake. Phoksundo is permuted word from ‘Phoksumdo’, it is an Tibetan language word. It is three different combined words such as, ‘Phok’ means to expanded, ‘Sum’ refers three and ‘Do’ refers to stone. The combined meaning of Phoksumdo is ‘The lake expanded in to three side and surrounded by stones’.

Phoksundo lake is the deepest lake in Nepal, it is also one of the highest altitude lakes of the world. The lake has two inletting small streams like Sagar Khola to the east and Phoksundo Khola to the North and one outletting stream on the south of  the lake. The aquamarine and turquoise lake water does not freeze even in winter. Surprisingly, the lake does not contain any aquatic animal at all.

To experience complete view of the lake, three hours uphill climb rewards spectacular Y- shaped view of the lake. The rough and dark grey hill projection to the lake adds more interesting features.

In most of trek in Dolpo, which begins from Juphal along the Suligad Khola and lush vegetation of Phoksundo National Park,  Phoksundo lake is appears as the stunning reward for the eye on 4th day of trek. After the three hours steep uphill climb from Amchi hospital camp on 4th day, a view tower arrives from where an extraordinary white Phoksundo water fall can be observed. An amazing waterfall which drops down almost 170 meters which is outletting river from the Phoksundo lake.

Further continuing the uphill climb about 20 minutes, the most beautiful lake first sight view of lake makes eagerly walk fast to catch it. Then trails downwards along the birch and juniper trees for an hour bring trekkers to Lake Shore Bon Village, Ringmo. Few more minutes of trek will finally arrive to Phoksundo Lake.

Phoksundo is a small heavenly piece of earth, considered one of the most beautiful place of West Nepal who choose to trek along these untrodden trials that lead them to the wild west of Nepal. Eric Valley chosen location to film extraordinary movie Himalayan Carvan, Dolpo deserves to be on the bucket list of every trekker willing to explore the wildest of the Himalayas.

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