Putha Hiunchuli Dolpo

Dolpo is not only the region for trekking but also the region for peak climbing. Dolpo has several virgin and unexplored peaks for those who are seeking for unexplored and virgin peaks.Peak climbing in Dolpo is a superb experience of peak climbing in Nepal.

Nepal is mountainous country, and it is the home of many peaks. Located in the great Himalayan range of Asia is recited with 8 highest peaks of the world including Mt. Everest out of top ten peaks of a universe. A far flung ‘Dolpo region’ situated at the west of Kaligandaki and rain shadow of Dhaulagiri massif is home to several peaks. Among the Peaks In Dolpo Kanjiruwa, Putha Hiuchuli, and Churen Himal are the highest peaks of Dolpo. Kanjiruwa peak 6612m, situated to the west of Phoksundo lake is technically difficult for climbing. Putha Hiunchuli (Peak)7246m is no significant technical and best skiing peaks of Nepal. Churen Himal 7286m highest peak of Dolpo is technically difficult to climbing.

Peaks In Dolpo and peak climbing in Dolpo offers the exceptional experience to climbing admirer bonuses with superb trekking across the high passes, culturally and naturally diversities of Dolpo. Peak climbing in Dolpo is for those climbing lovers who would like to climb the lower height peaks of Himalaya. Dolpo has several unexplored and virgin peaks as well as some climbed peaks. Peak climbing in Dolpo with Himalayan Companion is not only a climbing opportunity but also the exploring and discovering Dolpo region.

Currently, we are offering following peak climbing packages in Dolpo;

Mukot Peak Climbing

Mukot peak is situated in remote Barbong valley of Dolpo, Nort-west Nepal. Mukot Peak Climbing combines with trekking would be a good holiday trip for the adventure seeker. Those adventure seeker who seeks to climb 7000m below peaks in Nepal Mukot Peak could be the best one.

Mukot Peak Climbing

Norbung kang Peak Climbing

The virgin and unexplored peaks in Dolpo, Norbung Kang Peak Climbing is a superlative adventure of Himalayan Companion. Norbhukang peak is situated to the East of stunning Phoksundo lake and west of beautiful Dho Tarap valley. Norbhukang peak climbing is the superb peak climbing opportunity in isolated and remote valley Dolpo.

Norbung Kang Peak

Putha Hiuchuli climbing

An exotic skiing mountain,  Mt. Putha (Putha Hiuchuli) Dolpo   is located in West Nepal. Putha Hiuchuli is also known as Dhaulagiri VII which is 7000 bastion of the Dhaulagiri range. The slopes are covered with snow, but Putha Hiuchuli is not significantly technical for climbing. Putha Hiuchuli Climbing is a rare opportunity for those who want climb very high but on moderate difficulty.

Putha Hiuchuli Climbing

Shi-Shikhar Climbing 

Shi Shikhar peak 6139m is one of them, which is situated within Shey Phoksundo National park to West of Kanjiruwa peak and Phoksundo lake. Shi- Shikhar climbing is an exploration wild-west peak along with experience of wild  and romantic valley in sighting cultural and natural treasures of Dolpo


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