Pastoralism in Dolpo and Dolpo Trekking- Trekking in Monsoon

Pastoralism in Dolpo

Trekking in Dolpo could offer a wide range of experiences that is people’s livelihood, culture, religion and natural beauties. The modern world is revolving around the new age technological era and people are engaging their daily lives with the adoption of new technical things. But in Dolpo, people’s lives are still in their traditional way of life i.e Pastoralism.

Pastoralism In Dolpo
Pastorial Life in Dolpo

The term pastoralism refers to a branch of agriculture, which is concern with rising of livestock. It is animal husbandry, care and look after the domestic cattle such as Yak, Cow, Goat, and Sheep. During the pastoral life people and cattle move from one place to another in search fresh pastures and water.

In many villages of Upper Dolpo, many ‘Dolpo pa’ are engaging in pastoral life for many years. Though the recently known ‘Yarsagumba’ a valuable fungus is playing a major role in enhancing people’s lives, however, the pastoralism is still existing in several villages of Upper Dolpo.

Pastoral Life
Pastoral Life in Dolpo

Dolpo, an arid and barren landscape geographic setting awakes during while another touristic part of the country is sleeping, therefore trekking in Dolpo is also possible during monsoon while which is not possible in the other parts of the country. And trekking in Dolpo during monsoon is a wonderful time to witness the pastoral life of Dolpo people.

Trekking in Dolpo during monsoon is admirers by the handful pastoral tents on the high passes of Upper Dolpo. Grazing cattle in green carpeted pastureland, whistles of herders, scattered herder’s camps, barking Himalayan dogs, and cloud covered mountains make you feel something different world.Crossing the very forceful river is another challenge than the crossing passes. Caravan’s of Yaks and mules crossing to China border and villages surrounded by barely, wheat and potatoes are breathtaking.

Pastoralism in Dolpo and Dolpo Trekking

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