Putha Hiuchuli Expedition

An exotic peak named Putha Hiuchuli is the part of the Dhaulagiri ranges; Dhaulagiri is ranked as the seventh highest mountain in the world. The mountain is situated in the Dolpo. Dolpo is a remote valley which lies in the north-west of Nepal, Located at the west end of the Dhaulagiri II. Dolpo is located between the massif of Dhaulagiri and Kanjiroba Himal. The Tilts of the Putha Hiuchuli are still be explored. The Mountain endeavors the landscapes of the angelic scenic beauty. For the zestful mountaineers, this region would be best to trek as the route is high, moderate terrain. Surmounted by the trails of Himalayas, the region gets rain and the climate is arid. The region is quite similar to the Tibet. The peak is stated to be the trekking region by the Nepal Mountaineering Association. Hiuchuli stands for; Hiun means Glittering snow and Chuli means gazing pinnacle at the region. Here the Gurungs of the Annapurna region are dominating the territory. The people found there are of mix ethnicity of the Tibetans and Magars. The living style of the people resembles to the ancient Tibet culture and speaks Tibetan dialect. The particle of polyandry is still followed. In this system a man is married to a girl. The girl is shared by the brothers of her husband.

Putha Hiuchuli has also been known as Dhaulagiri VII which is 7000 bastion of the mountain chain. The slopes are covered with snow. The peaks heights 6,441 meters to the south of Annapurna massif.  The mountain is further extended Annapurna to the south and Modi Khola is between the peaks where Machapuchare can be glimpsed. Putha Hiuchuli was first climbed by Craig Anderson, U.S Peace Corps Volunteer in 1971.The route to this peak is considered as the most difficult and dangerous route because of the rock fall and serac.

The mountain can be climbed from both North-west and South-east side. Hiunchuli is also regarded as the religious implications. The Highest Mountain Dhaulagiri involves around 15 high peaks which are 7000 m elevated.  The vew from these peaks are magnificent. The seldom- visited region is an expedition for adventurous trekkers. The trek is considered to last for 10 days. The route for this region is grab a flight from the Kathmandu, then to nepalgunj, then to Juphal which take 1.5 hrs, the trek starts from the Juphal valley. Then we head to villages like Dunai, Tarakot, kakot, where you can spot the beautiful turquoise poksindu lake, itineraries, then proceed towards base camps, alp panzi, German base camp, moraine plateau which is 4900m. Then we reach ascent of the Putha Hinchuli, and then we head to the base camp IV which is 4915 m. Then head back to Kakot – Juphal- Pokhara- Kathmandu.




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