Lower Dolpo Trek

Lower Dolpo trek offers off the beaten experience of the Himalaya. It might be one of the least difficult hikes and trek around Dolpo. Especially, those people who do not want very longer and strenuous trek but would like to discover the Dolpo with short time period then the Lower Dolpo Trek would be best option. To get the real experience of these areas and discover the above valleys, following trips are could be better choices for everyone. We Himalayan Companion treks offers the following Lower Dolpo trekking trips.

  1. Lower Dolpo Circuit Trek
  2. Lower Dolpo Exploring Trek
  3. Lower Dolpo Featured Trek
Lower Dolpo Region
Dolpo is encompassing on the Dhaulagiri rain shadow of northwest Nepal. Dolpo is one of the most beautiful valleys of Himalaya. It is the largest district of Nepal. Conventionally on geographical morphology, Nepalese Government has divided the district into two parts such as; Lower Dolpo and Upper Dolpo.
Lower Dolpo includes, Khas valley is also known as Khasan, this valley is lowland of Dolpo and the people in this area are the follower of Hinduism and Shamanism. They speak Khas Nepali dialect as their major dialect and celebrate festivals like, Dadhains, Deepawali, Bhadra Puni, Shrawan Puni. Major religious monuments, of this valley is Chhala Masta, Bala Tripura Sundari Temple an ancient Hindu Temple.

Similarly, Tichurong valley is also known as, ‘Rong’, ‘Taral’, these people are the follower of Lama Buddhism and Bon. But they have their own indigenous God ‘Chyopata’ and they celebrate Rung, Rungma, Chhaigo, and Maghe Sangkranti etc. as their major festival. Inhabitant of this area speaks two dialects such as Magar Poike and Magar Kaike. Drigung Gumba, Chhyadul Gumba, Putha Deu are major cultural and religious monuments of Tichurong valley.

Likewise, Dho Tarap valley, Barbong Valley and Phoksundo valley people are collectively known as ‘Dolpo-Pa’. They have their own Dolpo-Pa culture which is certainly similar to Tibetan. Inhabitants of this area are follower of Bon and Buddhism. Festivals like, Lhosar, and religious ceremony are celebrated in the region. Ribo Bhumpa Gonpa, Jampa Gonpa, Gakar Gonpa, Sipchhog Gonpa, Dragmar Dewa Gonpa, Bon Tsova Gonpa, Seri Gonpa are major religious monuments of the area.

Lower Dolpo region is also enriched by some natural beauty. Some of the most popular peaks such as; Putha Hiuchuli, Mukot Himal, Kanjeruwa Himal, Kagmara Himal are recites in the region. It also home of some parts of Shey-Phoksundo National Park along with a beautiful Phoksundo lake and Phoksundo waterfalls and lush vegetation.




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