Humla Nying and Limi Valley Trek- A trekking in the unexplored Nying valley and Limi Valley of West Nepal

Nying La pass

Humla Nying and Limi Valley Trek, A trekking in the unexplored Nying valley and Limi Valley of West NepalNying Valley and Limi valley Trek

Humla Nying and Limi Valley Circuit Trek is an ideal trek, which winds through unexplored and extremely wilderness Nying Valley to mystic Limi Valley. A forgotten Himalayan valley of Western Nepal Humla is nestling in between Saipal Himal, its Western Himalayan range and Tibetan plateau to the north. The northern part of the valley is dominated by Buddhist follower people who has close tie up with Tibet culturally as well as naturally. But the southern and western part of Humla is dominated by Hindu follower people known as Khasan.

Humla Nying and Limi valley trek winds through the north-east Hindu villages of Humla, such as Thehe and Dojam. Then after trail passes through the wilderness for a week, encountering with moraine, rocky, stony trail and setting camp in the man less and treeless zones adds a great experience of Western Himalaya.

Through the Nying valley crossing Nyingla Pass the trail enters to the beautiful mystic Limi valley. Chilling air coming from northern alpine Tibetan plateau and walking on the rocky and trackless trail, witnessing surrounding snowcapped mountains range adds an extraordinary adventure experience. Century old Bon and Buddhist monasteries and Tibetan type culture of Upper Humla, diversified landscape are the rewards of this trip.

Trip Highlights

22 days fully serviced camping trek, three nights in tourist class Hotel in Kathmandu and one night in a comfortable hotel at Nepalgunj.

Highest point of the trek is Nying La 5448m along with two moderate passes Nara La 4560m and Lamke Lagna 4300m

Wilderness camping in Chuwa Khola and Nying Khola valley

Visiting of century old Bon and Buddhist monasteries and witnessing the Tibetan type Humli culture

Humla Nying and Limi Valley Circuit Trek trips winds as the following rhythm;

Stage 1 Nepalgunj to Simikot by Flight

Nepalgunj, a town in southern Nepal (Terai), humid and hot but is the hub for flying in/out the highlands of Western Nepal.

The flight takes up from 150m Nepalgunj to Simikot 2818m by grazing mountain ridges above 4000m to 7000m.The scenic mountain views of Mt. Saipal, Tibetan plateau, and great Himalayan range get entertain easily 55 minutes time inside the plane. Landing on Simikot airport is first welcomed by nearby Mountain View.

Simikot Airport
Simokot Airport
Photo Credit – Jean Claude Latombe

Stage 2  Simikot to Dojam and Karching Kharka along the Chuwa Khola Valley

From Simikot, the trail follows the northern trail following lower part of the Chuwa Khola valley Thehe, Dojam village. Spending one night at Dojam village, and trail heads to the north of Dojam. Dojam is going to be the last village before Limi valley, about a week more later. Beyond the trail ahead following the Chuwa Khola valley up to the Karching Kharka.

Way to Dojam Village Photo Credit - Jean Claude Latombe
Way to Dojam Village
Photo Credit – Jean Claude Latombe
Dojam Village
Dojam Village
Photo Credit – Jean Claude Latombe

Stage 3 Karching Kharka to Takchhe and crossing Nying La (5448m)

From Karching Kharka the trail switched from the Chuwa Khola valley and enters to the Ning Khola valley. Nying khola valley one of the most important attractions of this trip.Along the Ning Khola valley crossing the Nying La 5448m the trail descends to Takkche. Nying Valley is a sacred valley, for the locals, this is a sacred rock considered to have the shape of a heart. The word for ″heart″ in the Tibetan language is ″nying″.

Nying Khola Valley
                  Nying Khola Valley
Simokot Airport Photo Credit - Jean Claude Latombe
Nying La 5448m
Photo Credit – Jean Claude Latombe

Takchhe is an intersection of several valleys, though it feels like a dusty pit. Only a few semi-nomadic herders are live here. From Takchhe one may climb onto the Tibetan plateau with the goal to reach the Tibetan border and see Mount Kailash. But you may need quite enough gear because Tibetan plateau is nestling in thin air zone and weather is extremely cold.

Stage 4 Trek to Limi valley through Tholing and Takchhe

After the Takchhe the trail enters to the beautiful and mystic Limi valley via Tholing.Tholing is a recent small settlement connected to Tibet by the new Chinese-made ″road″. A couple of shops sell goods imported from China to herders (unfortunately a lot of alcohol). From Tholing the trail goes further down and drops to Limi valley.

Limi valley is one of the least accessible Nepali valleys. The valley compromises three villages: Dzang, Halji and Til three villages and is populated by ethnic Tibetan people. They domesticate large herds of yaks, horses, and sheep, and grow potatoes and various cereals (buckwheat, barley, and millet) in their terraced fields.

Halji is the home of 14th century built Rincheling monastery, which is the second oldest monastery of Nepal. It was established by Lotsawa Rinchen Sangpo 985-1055CE and it is main Gompa of the Limi Valley.

                                  Rincheling Monastery

Stage 5 Limi valleys to Hilsa border crossing Lamka Lagna 4300m

Leaving the Limi valley, the trail passes through the deeper and narrower and eventually merges with the equally deep and narrow Humla Karnali canyon crossing an easier Lamka Lagna 4300m the trail drops to Hilsa border.

Stage 6 Hilsa to Simikot crossing Nara La 4560m

This is the ending part of trip whereas we will come across the final pass Nara La 4560m and following the Humla Karnali river along the Yari, Yalbang, Kermi and Simikot. At the Simikot the last farewell dinner with crew ends the trekking.

Level of participants
  • This trekking trip is a bit longer which will be three weeks long journeys in the Wide West Nepal and a good level of fitness is needed for this trip.
  • This is a journey to the wilderness and a good dose of patience, tolerance and humor are needed.


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