Gyaekochen Valley – A and exotic and un-trodden Land of Dolpo Nepal

Gyaekochen Peak

The Gyaekochen valley

There are numbers of several untrodden and exotic places in Dolpo need to be explored. Gyaekochen valley a hidden gem of Dolpo is one among them, lies in central Dolpo in between Dho Tarap and Kakkot next door to a small village ‘Lang’.

Gyaekochen valley comprises a turquoise blue Gyaekochen lake towering with three glacial peak Gyaekochen or Dolpo Peak are respectively 6107 m, 6042 m and 6075 m. Gyaekochen valley offers an astonishing blend of geographical sight featured by snow-capped peak, lake, and pastures that changes color and texture each season.At night you may overheard the thunderous sounds of crashing of glaciers. This hidden valley is rarely visited by foreigners but trampled by hundreds of local people in the months of months of May-June for the quest of a precious Himalayan herb, the yartsagumbu.
Gayekochen Lake
Photo Credit – Gorakh Bista
Gyaekochen Exploring Trek Program
  • A great trek to explore the mythical lands of Dolpo: including Ticherong valley, exotic Gyaekochen glacial lake and Gyaekochen peak, highest altitude human settlement Dho Tarap, magical Phoksundo Lake, Bon village and Bon monasteries Small rarely visited village Lang and its people.
  • For this exotic path journey, we will departure from humid and hot Wester city Nepalgunj to small airstrip Juphal by Twinn Otter. Then treading above the Bheri Khola through Banthada, and Byas crossing Jyarkoi Dingla Pass to Sisol and Gyaekochen valley.
  • A day exploring around Gyaekochen valley then we switch to west, crossing Lalung pass to next door small village Lang.
  • Beyond Lang village we further ascent to Thaye La pass 5000m and descend down to Doro Sipchok then to Dho Tarap. After Dho Tarap we follow Dolpo’s Lower Dolpo Classic crossing Numala and Bagala to Phoksundo Lake then to Juphal.

Himalayan Companion’s Gyaekochen Exploring trek is a rare opportunity to explore this hidden beauty of Gyaekochen and Lower Dolpo.

Grading of Trek

In this Gyaekochen Exploring trek, we will conquer six high passes above 5000m, and this trek is strenuous, needs physically good condition and prior experience of trekking in the Himalaya.

Featured Image Credit – Paulo Grobel, a Senior Mountaineering Guide who explores and organize the expedition in the remote areas of Nepal.

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