Great Himalayan Trail

Great Himalayan Trail

The very famous trail which is 1,700 km of passages ways is the Great Himalayan Trail which crosses over the routes of Nepal and Tibet. The Great Himalayan Trail has been avowed as the best destination for the trek. The trail is spotted to be 4,500 km lengthened which is extended to the routes of the India, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet and also crosses the regions which are both famous as well as lesser traveled places.  The routes of the Himalayan canvases 16 districts which is spanned from the Dolpa, bordering India.

If we compare the other trekking spots then the great Himalayan trails have been known for the longest and highest hiking and trekking spot in the world. It is also termed as the highest alpine hiking. Getting recently recognized the trails have been less explored than the other trekking region in Nepal. Nepal has been being recognized as the popular place for the trek which is the major reason for the attraction of the tourist.

There are two main routes to explore the Himalayas; One is the high route which starts from the north of Kanchenjunga Basecamp to Hilsa which is the western district of Humla, the route is 1,700 km takes 157 -160 days depending on your pace of trekking.The trip is almost camping with only a few possibilities of basic tea houses or Homestays. It starts from the Kanchanjanga base camp of Eastern Nepal via highest point of Sherpani col at 6146 meters above sea level to the hills of the west Nepal. And the other route is the low route which is 1500 km extended for 100 days, crossing 2,000meters altitude regions, forests, fertile agricultural lands, pastures, high plateaus and much more authentic stuff of the villages. This route will closely come across the culture and people living there which is so fascinating to come across. Also, the routes can be shortened if people are not investing time for such long period.

The routes of the Himalayan ranges were developed to encourage the socioeconomic welfare to the mountain living committees. As tourism contributes 4% to the GDP of Nepal. Only by spending money on food, accommodations, guides, cooks can make them a huge difference. The trails to the Himalayas offers the distinct species of flora and fauna like snow leopards, musk deer, red Panda, One –horned Rhino, Bears, and flowers like rhododendron, orchids, pine, Oak etc.  Apart from the distinct flora and fauna, the glimpse of the different and tradition culture would also be seen. The ethnicity of Sherpas, Shamanism, and Buddhism can be found. The trails will bring you to the most remote villages of Nepal.

The trek to these trails is the most peaceful as the tourist around the world finds here peace in between the snowcapped mountains and the fresh green views. Also, the place holds more of adventure as well. The great Himalayan trail has been recognized recently and still to be explored much as the facility is increasing and assuring the better ways so that trek could get more comfortable and enjoyable.

The whole route is may not possible to do at one time that is why it is divided into ten section such as;

  1. The Far West

  2. Humla Section

  3. Rara and Jumla Section

  4. Dolpa to Rara

  5. Annapurna and Mustang

  6. Manaslu and Ganesh Himal

  7. Langtang and Helambu

  8. Everest and Rolwaling

  9. Makalu Barun

  10. Kanchanjanga section

High Rout GHT
High rout GHT covers 16 high passes above 5000 meter above the sea level.It is one of the most challenging adventure journeys in the world. It is the best route for mountain lovers and strenuous trekkers.In this high rate, you will trek beneath the sky and be encountering very close with snow capped peaks. This route takes through very close to eight world’s highest peaks; the roof of the world Mount Everest, its neighboring components Chouyu and Lhotse, the Annapurna, enormous Dhaulagiri, east Nepal’s iconic snow tower Kanchanjanga and Makalu and the two horned Manaslu.In addition other In addition, other moderate and small snow capped peaks of Nepal.


A Lifetime Adventure
GHT offers you a lifetime adventure and achievement of Himalaya.The footstep on GHT will make you a great feeling of mountaineers. The breathtaking views of the natural landscape, cultural and ethnic diversities, century-old cultural monuments, warm-hearted Nepali people and more.It rewards you to be in touch with ancient Bon and Buddhism, shamanistic and animistic beliefs. And also gives you an opportunity to learn about Nepal’s plethora of cultures, languages, songs, dances, and myths etc. Walking along the GHT is a complete cross Himalaya range of Nepal, exploring the remote destinations and a unique blend of spectacular scenery and long-preserved culture.