Five Major Highlights of Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo Trek is one of the most exciting and thrilling adventure ‘off the beaten’ treks of Nepal. This trek is especially for those who is seeking a bit challenging and adventurous journeys in the Himalaya. To undertake Upper Dolpo Trek and accomplished this journey one may have to have good level of physical condition.

Upper Dolpo Trek is fully camping and expedition style trek. Generally, expedition style treks are commencing with the team of full crews like Guide, Cook, helpers, and mules with all necessary trekking equipment and foods.

Upper Dolpo Trek, provide several trekking trails, some start and end within Dolpo and some are trasversing to neighboring districts.Himalayan Companion Treks gives you a companionship to accomplish your holiday project in Upper Dolpo. As a native from Dolpo, trekking with Himalayan Companion could be a wonderful holiday in Dolpo Region.

Upper Dolpo Trek comprises many fascinating highlights but today we discuss here five major highlights of Upper Dolpo Trek.

Five Major High Lights of Upper Dolpo Trek

1. Living antique of Tibetan Buddhism and Bon

In the world is there is still purest form of Tibetan Buddhism and Bon is exists that in Upper Dolpo. Ancient Buddhist texts and age old Buddhist manuscript are still in preserved form which can be found in the Monasteries of Upper Dolpo. Upper Dolpo Trek offers a complete authentic Tibetan Buddhism and Bon cultures. The rock cliff monasteries and hermitage from where the great Lamas had practiced meditation, performed religious activities and attained enlightenment. The land ‘Upper Dolpo’ is blessed by Guru Rinpoche and retains the several sacred mountains, lakes and rivers.

Upper Dolpo Trek, is the journey immersion into ‘The Land of Bon and Tibetan Buddhism’.

Five Major High Lights of Upper Dolpo Trek

2.Diverse Biodiversity

Upper Dolpo is home Nepal’s largest National park ‘Shey Phoksundo National Park’ which is the habitat of many different Species of flora and fauna.

During Upper Dolpo Trek, trekkers can have opportunities to witness several flora and fauna. If one is lucky enough an ‘elusive Himalayan big cat’ snow leopard can sight but rarely. No matter, the herds of blue sheep and marmots always are teasing from distant. The barren pasture hills and narrow Canyon gorges are playground and habitat of these rare species.

Five Major High Lights of Upper Dolpo Trek

3.Strenuous High Passes

Upper Dolpo Trek, winds through the traversing across strenuous high passes above 5000m several times. So, one should feed their minds with strong determination to conquered the high passes whilst desiring to do Upper Dolpo Trek.

Once reached on the top of the high passes, it is rewarded by the mind blowing and stunning sceneries of river valleys, magnificent vistas of snowcapped mountain, cool wind rhythming with prayers flags, and panoramic widen open landscapes as a whole mesmerizing your journey.

Five Major High Lights of Upper Dolpo Trek

4.Beautiful Hamlets with Mani walls, Kanies and Chortens

Upper Dolpo Trek, passes through the several beautiful ‘Dolpo Pa’ villages, friendly people and warm welcoming word ‘Namaste’ are commonly hearing word.Before reaching to village and after leaving the village long walled fenced Mani walls, Chorten and Kanies are most commonly sight during Upper Dolpo Trek.

Mani walls, are the piles of stone wall fenced placed with stones carved with Tibetan letters and mantras.
Chortens are the stupas of dry stone painted with colorful mud, important Buddhist monuments which are mostly connected with Mani walls.
Kanies are the another Buddhist structures, it is modified version of Chortens which has an entry and exit, point. Inside the Kanies there are well decorated Buddhist paintings of Gods, Buddhas, Kalachakras, Buddhist disciples and so on.

Five Major High Lights of Upper Dolpo Treks

5.Caravan of Yaks/Mules/Horses/Tzopas

Another an important highlight of Upper Dolpo Trek is caravan of Yaks, mules and tzopas restocking supplies form Tibet. Yaks, Mules, Horses, and Tzopas are the major carriers of Upper Dolpo people. These animals are use to trading transporter to China border and lower land. Even used in carrying domestic loads of wood, grass and grains within the village to long distance trade.

Upper Dolpo Trek, an outstanding journey into the hidden landmarks of Nepal is more beautiful than heaven.

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