Dolpo, ‘The Hidden Valley’ was not known for outsider until 1990.The place was known back to international arena, after the publication of  Peter Matthiassen’s book ‘The Snow Leopard’ and cinematic captures from Eric Valli’s adventure film ‘Himalaya’ (Caravan).

In recent days Dolpo receives number of visitors specially who prefers longer time frame, bit adventure, strenuous and off-the beaten track exploration of Himalaya. Dolpo region trekking caters the lower region along with low altitude, green pastures, lush vegetation and pine forests to the barren landscape and high altitude of Upper Dolpo, near the Tibetan plateau. Trekking in Dolpo region offers the several numbers of high passes above 5000m making it a bit challenging throughout the journey.

Lower Dolpo Circuit Trek is best one for those seeking for a bit short time frame couple of weeks but a bit strenuous and challenging experience of Himalaya. This trek offers you a complete exploration and discovering of Dolpo culture, tradition, lifestyle and an angelic scenic beauty within the couple of weeks. Although the two weeks journey may not be appropriate for the adventure seeker however for the Dolpo’s context, two weeks trekking – Lower Dolpo Circuit trek is worth while for every individuals.The few highlights experience during trek are as following;

  1. Snowcaped Peaks

Dolpo is home of many snowcapped peaks. Silver shining snow peaks along the trekking routes makes the journey life time memory.The attractive snowy peaks including Kanjiriba north (6883m), Kanjiriba south (6861m), Dhaulagiri I (8167m), Churen Himal (7381m), Putha Hiunchuli (7249m), Mukot Himal (6639m), Araniko Chuli (6034m) and many more mountains can be seen during Dolpo region trek.

  1. Phoksundo Lake – The Jewel Of Dolpo

Phoksundo Lake is one of the major highlights of this trek. The lake is elevation at the 3620m from the sea level, with turquoise in colour within the Shey Phoksundo National Park, the largest national park of Nepal. The lake is regarded as the sacred to Buddhist and Bon follower. On the other side of lake a Bon Tsova monastery is locating with nestling by Chortens.

  1. Phoksundo Waterfall

A scenic water falling out from the deepest lake of Nepal –Phoksundo, is highest waterfall of Nepal. Phoksundo waterfall(167m).  is lies on the tallest waterfall of Nepal. The water fall outlet of the Phoksundo lake.

4.Dho Tarap

Dho Tarap valley is a beautiful valley located at the 4350m is the highest human settlement of the world. Upholding century old Buddhist and Bon monastery, blessed by Guru Rinpoche and inhabited by Dolpo Pa people is major high lights of Lower Dolpo Circuit trek. Having a day rest and exploring around the village and monasteries, capturing them in your lenses would be very worthful of trip.

  1. Bon and Buddhism Culture

Dolpo is enriched by Bon and Buddhism religion. Although there is contradictory in their philosophy, practices and myth, follower of these two religion are harmoniously co-existing in Dolpo region. Buddhist monasteries such as; Dunai Central Monastery, Tika Gonpa, Chyadul gonpa, Ribo Bhumpa Gonpa, Jampa Gonpa, Dragmar Dewa Gonpa, along with Sipchhog Bon Gonpa, Tha sung Bon Chhova Gonpa are the major Bon and Buddhist manstery encounter during this trip.


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