The mysterious and beautiful ‘Hidden Land Dolpo’ situated in the west of Kali Gandaki and lap of Mt. Dhaulagiri and Kanjiruwa bordering with Tibetan plateau. Therefore, the people of Dolpo have strong cultural links with Tibet. ‘Dolpo’ the trans-Himalayan region is sparsely populated but culturally and naturally wonderland. The wide range of floral and faunal species found in Dolpo is paradise to explore for nature lovers.

The heavenly land Dolpo has incredible altitudinal range from 1500 meters to the 7381 meters. The landscape and scenery in Upper Dolpo is extremely dramatic, with maze of wide glacial valleys, precipitously steep slopes and high ridges, folded and faulted lime stones and sand stones, moraine deposits, rock headwalls, and peaks above 6000 meters. The arid climate of these rugged areas reflected sparse nature of natural vegetation. But the valleys of Lower Dolpo where the higher rainfall supports lush vegetation and forests.

Dolpo treks cater limitless lifetime adventurous experience. Every trek in Dolpo offers plentiful opportunities to exploring mythical and legendary, cultural and natural treasures. A bit challenging journey encountering with high passes, hallow mountains, beautiful hamlets and secluded Buddhist and Bon monasteries makes you worthwhile visit in the region.

The reverence land of Bond and Buddhism lying at the foothill of Himalayan silver shining peaks ‘Dolpo’ is a pleasant and peaceful place. Innocent smile and amazing hospitality catered by the natives of Dolpo during Dolpo trek are the remarkable souvenirs for the trekkers. Hence, we urge all trekkers to try once Dolpo for your holiday destination on the companionship of Himalayan Companion.






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