Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo region is nestling in between Lower Dolpo and Tibetan plateau, the barren and deserted highland region is the best classic choice of trekking. Upper Dolpo trek can be contemplated three weeks to five weeks long journey across the Dolpo region. Upper Dolpo region is living antique of Dolpo, which reserves mysterious and arid climate featured by hallowed mountains, hamlets guarded by high passes, rock cliff monasteries. Being predominant of Buddhist and Bon, the region is one of the last places in the world where ancient rituals, fervent belief and animistic traditions are still alive. Upper Dolpo resemblance the Tibet, hence it is also called ‘Tibet outside the Tibet’.

A forgotten and rugged land Dolpo has remained secluded from the outside world for many centuries. Though still standing as the restricted region of Nepal, Dolpo captivates the imagination of many adventure seekers, anthropologists, and geologists. Dolpo is exposed to outside by some of the prominent scholars, travelers, anthropologists. The capture of,  David Snellgrove’s book ‘Himalayan Pilgrimage’, George Schaller’s ‘Stones of Silence’, and Peter Mathiessen’s ‘The Snow Leopard’, and a screen captured by Eric Valli’s Oscar nominated film ‘Caravan’ or ‘The Himalaya’ served the region to make familiar with Western world.

Sublimely flanked on the north and the east of Kanjiruwa and Dhaulagiri, west of Kaligandaki the deepest gorge of the world, Dolpo is the largest district of Nepal. Navigated with Tibetan plateau, Dolpo is reserving endlessly scenic valleys, narrow gorges, sacred mountains, crystal clear Lakes and Rivers, age-old Buddhist and Bon monasteries, diverse landscape, and cultural differences.

Upper Dolpo Circuit Trek

Upper Dolpo Circuit trek is a circular route that comprising complete exploration and discovery of Dolpo region. This trek caters sheer-sided cliffs, strenuous and challenging trails, glittering and Crystal clear Lakes, beautiful hamlets, and amazing mountain vistas.

Upper Dolpo trek, is a striking journey across rugged high passes of Himalaya. The off the beaten trail traverses across muddy and dry stone sculpted hamlets and centuries-old Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, snowcapped peaks, sculpted gorges, sacred mountains, and turquoise highland lakes. Upper Dolpo Trek with Himalayan Companion takes you through the astonishing and miraculous Phoksundo Lake and crosses over the Kang La Pass, a gateway to Upper Dolpo leads to Dolpo’s most sacred place, Shey Gompa, which lies at the foothill of hallowed Crystal Mountain. Climbing over another 5000m plus Shey La Pass, we enter to widen landscape Nakhong valley’s a prime village ‘Saldang’. To the north visiting the famed monastery of the region ‘Yangjer Gompa’ at Nisal village and, looped to a small forgotten hamlet Musi village. Then traversing Musi La pass to Simen village the ‘Panzang valley’ deserted landscape adjoins Choila pass to ‘Dho Tarapa’, Upper Dolpo’s trade junction. Finally, the trek hits the downhill trail back to Juphal, along the Ticherong valley, a valley inhabitant of Tarali Magar people.

Dolpo Jomsom Trek- A high and wild route

One of the most exhausting and exhilarating trek from Dolpo Jupha to Mustang Jomsom is suit to the adventure addicts which contemplating long walking trails via Phoksundo Lake, Shey Gompa, and Saldang before diverting to east. Beyond the Sadang the trail leads to the most beautiful valley of Dolpo ‘Panzang valley’. Along the Upper Panzang flat terrain and wilder route, encountering Mola Pass 5030m the last settlement of Dolpo Chharka before Sangda of Mustang. The last week of the trek is an exploration of wilderness, and barren landscapes inhabited by blue sheep and an elusive Himalayan big cat snow leopard and the trek conclude in Jomsom.

Dolpo to Rara Trek- A daredevil’s trail

Hardly only a few trekkers visits to the north and northwest region of Shey Gompa is beginning to have delights as a classified in GHT’s high routed. Following the popular route to Phoksundo Lake, heading to the North crossing complicated guarding high pass Kang La is Shey Gompa and Crystal Mountain. Beyond the Shey Gompa along the Samling Gompa, Tora and Bhijer the trail drain into the rough, wild and sometimes very high. The harsh environment and wider trail electrify the muscles and minds of trekkers and crews. Almost touching the Tibetan border below the peaks and the trails circles around the flank of Kanjiruwa and messing into the Mugu Karnali River. And the trail bends west and south to join the route Rara Lake. The giant deep blue water is the Nepal’s largest lake. From the Rara one may either continue to the east Jumla or back to Talcha and fly out to Nepalgunj and Kathmandu.

Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang trek has two routes, one route goes through traversing Ghami La pass and another route goes through crossing Yeti La pass.Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang trek conjoins the two forbidden Buddhist highlands Upper Dolpo and Upper Mustang traversing several ridges.

Then trail heads up the lush vegetation and beautiful Suligad River gorge up to the turquoise, amazing and miraculous Phoksundo Lake, and then along the ‘Dare Devil’s Trail’ encountering with complicated high pass Kang La 5360m leading to sacred valley of Upper Dolpo Shey Gompa and Crystal Mountain. Beyond the Shey Gompa trail heading to Saldang village, the largest village of Upper Dolpo. Furthermore, approaching through the Mani walls and Chortens we enter to the most interesting and authentic valley of Dolpo ‘Panzang Valley’. Soon after wind swiping through long valley another stunning valley is Chharka. From the Chharka the trail continues to the wilderness for a week and crossing Ghami La pass or Yeti La pass is awaited forbidden Himalayan-Tibetan Buddhism land Upper Mustang. Indulging a week long inside the Upper Mustang, finally, the trip ends at Jomsom and fly out to Pokhara and Kathmandu.

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