Dolpo the Next Hidden Valley Of Nepal.

Dolpo Trekking Sela Pass

The hidden valley; Dolpo is situated in the mid-west of Nepal which is connected to the Tibet in the north, Kanjiroba Himal to the west and Dhaulagiri in the south. The Dolpo valley is marked as the most remote district in the Nepal and least developed region. The region has been explored less due to its remoteness. The region is known for trekking after government permitted by 1990, and the valley comes under the restricted area which means, the trekkers will have to ask for permission before exploring it to the Nepal government. The valley holds the small number of population. The ethnicity of the people is Buddhist, Hindu and Bon.

Dolpo trekking, the journey in the high plateau of Buddhist land has been famous recently. People who desire to understand the remoteness of the village, old traditional, culture of Tibet; must trek this valley as the valley still holds the authentic culture. It is known as a campaign to the kingdom of the Guru Rinpoche. The territory is blessed with flawless nature. The region also homes of most exotic species of flora and fauna. Very rare animals like; snow leopard, red panda, musk deer, blue sheep, Himalayan griffon, vulture, eagles and many more blue birds can be spotted. Likewise many monasteries, Gompas, villages, lakes, hot springs,  national parks, exotic views, Himalayan passes will be noticed.

Moreover, the famous lake called Shey Phoksundo which is 3660 meters is widely visited by trekkers in the route to Dolpo. The lake is the highest wetlands in Nepal. It is the portion of the primeval national park called Shey Phoksundo national park. The park has the distinct varieties of species of birds, animals, butterflies, flowers. Dolpo has the follower of three distinct religions such as Hinduism, Buddhist, and Bon. Hinduism is dominated in the lower land whereas Bon and Buddhism prospering in highland and Upper Dolpo. Upper Dolpo holds the several century old Bon and Buddhist monasteries, among them Yangjer Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries which were built by the Buddhist Guru Chogyal Pasang. The monastery is carved by with the beautiful stones and has an ancient statue.

Two famous routes are known to trek Dolpo: upper Dolpo and the lower Dolpo. Upper Dolpo trek, is the route of high altitude region and long walking route and much more challenging than the Lower Dolpo trek. The several high passes should be encountered during the Upper Dolpo trek. However, the lower Dolpo treks comparatively lowland trek and shorter walking trail than the Upper Dolpo trek. In both routes, the exotic view of Dhaulagiri range, Kanjiroba, Churen Himal, Annapurna ranges and many more can be seen. Both the routes are enjoyable with the beautiful nature. The best season to trek Dolpo is spring, autumn and summer.

A heavenly piece Dolpo is the perfect place to visit for adventure lover people. The hardship, remoteness and rugged experience noticed in during trek could be memorable for anyone.



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