Dolpo Jomsom (Mustang) Trekking Itinerary

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Dolpo to Jomsom(Mustang)Trekking

Dolpo to Jomsom (Mustang) trekking  or Dolpo to Mustang trekking is a classic mountain trek in Nepal. This trek passes through Lower Dolpo, Upper Dolpo to Kaligandaki valley of Mustang district’s headquater jomsom.

Today’s blog we briefly discuss about the specially focused on Dolpo to Jomsom (Mustang) trekking or Dolpo to Mustang trekking itinerary of route.

Genarally there are two Dolpo to Jomsom (Mustang) trekking or Dolpo to Mustang trekking itineraries, one passes through Lower Dolpo, Upper Dolpo and to Jomsom Mustang, another passes through lower Dolpo without Upper Dolpo.

Dolpo to Jomsom (Mustang) trekking via Lower and Upper Dolpo

Dolpo to Jomsom (Mustang) trekking via Lower Dolpo and Upper Dolpo is classic and popular Dolpo Jomsom trek itinerary. Which kicks off after safe landing at Juphal airstrip and following Suligad river gorge and forested trail of Shey Phoksundo National Park to Phoksundo Lake and Ringmo village which is the part of Lower Dolpo. Beyond Phoksundo Lake the trek leads through the stony gorges of Phoksundo Khola and Tuk Kyaksa khola conquering Kang pass 5360m to Upper Dolpo’s sacred valley Shey Gompa.

From Shey Gompa, you have three options,

  1. Leads to Dho Tarap via Sela Mukchuri La 5126m, Lanmuse La 5000m and Numala North 5143m in 3-4 days. Then from Dho Tarap via Chan La pass 5378m and Mo La 5030m to Chharka village in 2 days. Leaving Chharka village. (Shey Gompa to Dho Tarap and Chharka)

  2. Leads to Bhijer village via Tata or Tora and Samling Gompa in 2 days, then further two days joins Saldang village passing Neng La pass 5368m. Then after Saldang, one direct route goes to Shime and Tinje via Komash village. Another northern loop route heading to Nisal village and Musi village to Shime passing Musi La pass. (Shey Gompa,to Bhijer and Saldang then direct route to Shimen via Komas or loop via Nosal and Musi ).

  3. Leads to Saldang village passing Se La pass via Namgang Gompa. From Saldang there are two routes to connect Shimen and Tinje are; a direct route through Komas village and a looping route through Nisal Gaon and Musi Gaon to Shimen and Tinje.(Shey Gompa, to Saldang and either direct direct via Komash to Shimen or Loop via Nisal and Musi to Shimen).

From Tinje village, following Upper Panzang valley through Rapka and Ramankheng crossing Mo La pass joins to Chharka. Beyond Chharka village, the trail rolling in the high alpine meadows of Norbulung and Mulumsumna to Mustang crossing Niwar  La pass, Jungben La pass and Sangda La pass.

Dolpo to Jomsom (Mustang) trekking   via Lower Dolpo

Dolpo to Jomsom (Mustang) trekking   via Lower Dolpo is quite shorter than Dolpo to Jomsom (Mustang) trekking   via Lower Dolpo and Upper Dolpo. That is why it is for those who are seeking to do Dolpo Jomsom Trek in limited time.

Dolpo to Jomsom (Mustang) trekking   via Lower Dolpo leads through the following Thuli Bheri River valleys all the way to Tarakot, Lasicap, Musi, Kakot and Barbung valley.

Barbung valley is one of the isolated and remote hidden valleys of Dolpo, where only few trekkers are passes along this beautiful valley. The valley is lying on the foothills of Dhaulagiri massifs, Mukot Himal, Putha Hiunchuli etc.

In Barbung you trek along the beautiful hamlets of Terang, Seri, Pimri and Mukot village. After Mukot village , the trail takes you up high alpine meadows crossing Mu La pass 5600m to Mulumsumna. Then after crossing Niwar La pass, Jungbenla Pass and Sangda La pass via Sangda village, thr trek finish at Mustang Jomsom.

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