Dolpo Border Peaks | Border Peaks of Dolpo West to East


Are you looking for a peak that could offer amazing vistas of Nepal and China together? Then border peaks of Dolpo could be your best option.

Dolpo is home to several climbed and unclimbed peaks. Majority of 6000m plus peaks are located on the borderline of Dolpo in Upper Dolpo. Hence, an adventure addicts who are keen to do trekking combining with peak climbing then Dolpo is the best destination of Nepal.

Today’s blog we explore some border peaks of Dolpo from West to East.

To begin from Western border peak of Dolpo, Swaksa Kang 6405m is a westernmost border peak of Dolpo.Another border peak is Mariyang 6528m, which is located to the right of Swaksa Kang 6405m. Further to the right of Mariyang 6528m, is Mariyang West 6305m.

Danphesail 6103m, a border peak is officially climbed by Paulo Grobel and team in 2017. Following the Danphesail 6103m is Lung Chung Kang 6043m and Yemelung/ Khung Kang 6024m was climbed by Tamatsu Nakamura from Japanese Alpine Club.

Following these peaks to the eastern borderline of Dolpo, Changar Kang 6060m and Araniko Chuli 6043m are other delightful climbing peaks in Dolpo.

Climbing on these peaks is always combining with a month-long trekking in Dolpo.

Khung Peak Map


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