If you are looking to do trekking during monsoon in Nepal, then a question is rise on your head Where to go? Generally, the best time to trekking in Nepal is autumn/fall whereas, the monsoon is considered to be off season for trekking in Nepal. However, there are numbers of treks and region where one may be able to undertake their trek even during the monsoon.

Today’s post we are going to discuss the best monsoon treks in Nepal.

Monsoon in Nepal is between mid-June to early September, in this period most of the trekking trails in Nepal remain closed due to heavy rainfall, leeches, wet and muddy trails, landslides and so on. But, some of the regions which lie on rain shadows of the great Himalayan range are still best to trek during monsoon and have great advantages of trekking in monsoon.

The advantage of trekking in monsoon is that you have owned your trails, no more crowd. If you love the isolation and wish to have the best nature for yourself in the mountain, trekking during monsoon is the best experience for you.

The green carpeted lush vegetation, blossoming flowers, fragrance of mountain flora, and peaks tucked in clouds are the wonderful sight of monsoon trekking in Nepal.

Best Places to trek in Monsoon

The best three regions to trek during monsoon in Nepal, is Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, and Upper Humla’s Limi Valley. These three regions are driest and arid region of Nepal. So, rest of the region is asleep during monsoon due to heavy rainfall but these regions are awoken even during monsoon.

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek can be undertaken any time of the year, except the winter. The rain shadowed region Upper Mustang is also known as the ‘Forbidden Himalayan Kingdom’. The entire trail of Upper Mustang is in the rain-shadow region and there is no need to worry about the rains. Upper Mustang trek begins after a flight or drives from Pokhara to Jomsom. Then the trail leads the world’s deepest gorge (Kali Gandaki), isolated villages like Kagbeni, Chhuksang and Ghami, and the forbidden Himalayan Kingdom Lo Manthang. Exploring few days to further north and the trail descends down to Jomsom.

Upper Dolpo Trek

Dolpo, the last remnant of Bon, an ancient pre –Buddhist religion, the remote and rugged land is the home of many Bon and Tibetan Buddhism followers ‘Dolpo Pa’ people. The cultural and natural diversities that found in Dolpo are nowhere else in the world. Encountering with several high passes, crossing several rivers, and treading through stony and rocky trails are an extra adventurous experience of Dolpo trek. The one of the most interesting featured only sight during monsoon trekking in Dolpo is ‘Pastoral life of Dolpo people’. The rock cliff Gompas, long Mani walls with Kanies and chortens, sacred mountains, Caravan of Yaks, Mules, and horses heading to the north for trading, the greenery of barley, wheat, buck wheat, and potatoes around the village are wonderful insights of Dolpo trek during monsoon.

There are several upper Dolpo trek itineraries, one can choose such as; Dolpo Jomsom Trek, Upper Dolpo Circuit Trek, and Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang Trek.

Upper Humla and Limi Valley Trek

Trekking in hidden Himalaya Humla is another underrated travel destination for trekking in Nepal due to its remote rugged location. Upper Humla Limi valley lies on the rain-shadows of Limi Himal and Tibetan plateau, get minimal rainfall and best place to trekking during monsoon. The Limi Valley trek is an isolated trail offers breathtaking panoramic views of the mountains, especially of Limi Himal range, Mt. Saipal and Mt. Kailash. This trek is also providing an opportunity to immerse oneself in the Buddhist culture. Limi Valley, a mystic and confined valley of West Nepal lies in between the region of Nepal and Tibet ranging of border Hilsa to Lapse La. Limi Valley is comprises three beautiful Tibetan speaking village; Til, Jhang, and Halji on the bank of Karnali River. So, while rests of country’s trails are asleep in monsoon, Limi Valley trek is awaking.

Though there is no more rain during monsoon in above-mentioned region. You have to consider the following recommendation while trekking during monsoon.

Trekking tips for the monsoon

Start your day early as possible because it mostly rains in the afternoon. Especially if it’s rained the night before, the morning will likely be clear for fantastic views.

Recommended gear for the monsoon

For lower elevations, an umbrella is best and for a high altitude, a highest quality waterproof set is always good. Clothing that is light and quick-drying are ideal for monsoon and your duffels bags and your bag packs should good rain covers.

Transport during the monsoon

The main difficulty of trekking during the monsoon is getting to the trailhead, as poor visibility can delay or cancel your flights, and you may be stuck several days at fly in place. And roads can get too muddy worse, and sometimes blocked by the landslide. Still, there’s a good chance your flight will get out and you just need to inquire in advance to make sure the roads are open.

So, it’s always better to keep 3-4 sparse or buffer days, hence it would not hamper to your international flights.

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