‘Himalayan Companion Treks and Expedition Pvt.Ltd. is a truly your holiday Companion in Nepal’

The Story

About Us

Himalayan Companion Treks and Expedition is the most dedicated tour operator of Nepal, specialized in Dolpo, Mustang, and West Nepal region.

Our Mission
To provide Excellency adventure service in Himalaya, by keeping the center in our valued client, personnel, and local people, and nature. To explore the hidden valleys with cooperation and coordination with local people, development agencies, government agencies, and bring them into the mainstream of tourism. To promote the local heritages, culture and traditions, nature and ecology through the quest of new hidden trails.

Himalayan Companion is envisioned for a sustainable development of Himalayan life through sustainable tourism.

Honesty and Intergrity

Catching a fish one time by elusive manner is a very short sight idea. We believe in honesty, we do not take any hidden charges except what we agreed in our agreement. We are very much strict with our promises. We do not make any trouble to complete your trip from our side once you have been booked with us. However, we have to compromise with the ‘force de majeure’ that which is beyond our control.

Quality Service Delivery

Quality service is never to be compromised. The qualities regarding the foods, equipments, crew’s services, sanitation and hygiene are our prime focus to make your trip successful. We accept that without quality service delivery your journey may not be satisfactory and lifetime memorable. It is also believed that quality service is only one that creates the long lasting impression and existence of our company.

Sustainable Tourism
The earth is our home. The environment is our life blood and greatest assets, it should be conserved in a similar way that how the environment has supported us have existed. Exploiting the nature may reverse to the human population. Hence, we conceive that sustainable tourism and protecting nature from exploitation yields long term dividend and spiritual reward.


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