Barbong Valley | A Beautiful Valley beneath the Dhaulagiri Range

Dolpo is bestowed with the tremendous verity of natural beauty. Bar-bong Valley a hidden valley of Dolpo is one of the beautiful valleys of Dolpo. Bar-bong Valley is also locally known as the ‘Tangsyuwa’. The valley is isolated for foreigner’s choice for trekking for many years but few year back Bar-bong valley is becoming popular for peak climbing in Dolpo region.

Barbong valley holds many stunning hamlets enriched by cultural monuments. Kakot , Terang ,  Gyarryang , Pimbree, Seri  and Mukot villages are the major human settlement of the region. The people of these areas are Dolpo-Pa and have their own Dolpo-Pa culture and tradition. Sheri village is one the most popular village of Barbong valley. It holds long Mani wall, locally called ‘Sheri Mantyang Ringbo’ and it is birth place of ninth Gakar Rinpoche Ngawang Tenzen Gyurmed.

In addition, Barbong vally retains the many natural beauty, especially majestic spectacular and panorama of Dhaulagiri ranges such as; Putha Hiunchuli 7246m, Mukot Himal 6087m, Tongu Himala 6197m, Honde Himal 6556m are central attraction of the region. Putha Hiunchuli is the highest peak of Dolpo region and it has been becoming popular for peak climbing in Dolpo region. Several expedition groups successfully climbed the Putha Hiunchuli. The peak also has the scope of skiing. Moreover, Mukot peak is another peak of the region. Recently British group had successfully climbed the Mukot peak in 2015.

The trips such as; Barbong Khola Trek, Lower Dolpo Featured Trek , Lower Dolpo Exploring Trek and Dolpo Exploring Trek are specially designed for the exploring and discovering of Barbong valley.



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